ALEXPCS inc is a state-of-the-art most advanced repair center for all types of computers, smartphones with affordable prices, a custom designed online tracking system and fast turnaround time. We do our best not only to meet but go beyond our customer expectations. Our company offers a full range of computer fix services and technical support. Also we give full service in home or small business networking including wireless network and network printer setup. We do on-site computer support, outcalls in NYC area.


Why fix computer instead of buy a new one?

It’s less costly than buying a new one, less time consuming than reinstalling and adding all of your important software, and, frankly, a lot less aggravating. If you buy new – they will manufacture new. The trashing of old equipment creates more non-recyclable parts returning to Earth. Simple is that. So go green and go fix your computers! We proud that we make people happier and help to save the planet we are living on.


Who are we, then?

A group of proficient technicians who can perform miraculous “surgery” on your digital equipment: be it your laptop, desktop computer or smartphone (think iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, iPad, PC or Mac). We do Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Gateway, Acer, ASUS or Samsung…you name it. Brands don’t matter. Spilled wine on your 17” MacBook Pro and now it won’t start? Smashed your iPhone and now the screen is cracked? Dropped your Blackberry into sink? Wiped the hard drive information in which you had that important presentation file? Broke the SD Card of your camera and lost your son’s graduation pictures? We heard them all and iFix got the solution. We can fix it in very low level, level of electronic board. Fix microchips and repair heart of laptops. We’ll estimate and diagnose your device for free. Rapid, straight-forward, reasonable repairs are our business here at ALEXPCS inc.

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